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    Diver - Sarah Jane Pell


    The natural force behind all action. Powering everything imaginable.

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    Performance - Sarah Jane Pell


    The past, present and future of who we are, were and will be.

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    Researcher - Sarah Jane Pell


    A raw representation of strength. The surging force we desire.

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    Artist - Sarah Jane Pell


    The elements of our life in their simplest form.

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    Speaker - Sarah Jane Pell


    One part excess, two parts refinement. Mix until consistancy is reached.

Independent artist commercial diver, explorer and researcher.

Dr. Sarah Jane Pell is an accomplished artist and commercial diver. She consults, produces and performs underwater media and creates experimental artworks on human exploration themes. Extending her pratice into operational and research domains, Sarah also contributes new media designs and interactive techno-scientific art laboratories as novel forms of performance and civilian space analogues. Pell's work has a strong experimental, international and interdisciplinary focus yet it also reveals the human spirit and performance behaviours particular to extreme environments. Sarah is passionate about the arts and interdisciplinary arts approaches critical to solving grand challenges, enriching communities and extending human performance in underwater exploration, space tourism and private access to space. In 2010, she was awarded TED2010 Fellow: a "young world-changer and trailblazers who has shown unusual accomplishment and exceptional courage". This website introduces you to some novel ideas, adventures, mishaps, and friends made along the way.


SPARTNIC Weightless Art & Space Exhibition

Posted by SJP in MISSION 014 | Ostrale Centre for Contemporary Art, Desden DE.
Sarah Jane Pell - Mission 014

New aquatic performance OMNES SUMUS PULVERE STELLARUM exploring the poential of an embodied weightlessness by mimicing astronaut performance in microgravity in the parallel environment underwater. MISSION 014, Art & Space exhibition by the SPARTNIC (Weightless Artistic Association) reveal distinctive different aspects of the following themes: realisation/experience, change, and the development or unfolding of life.

Ostrale, Dresden DE 18 Jul-28 Sep 2014.



Uber Memoria XIX: Part II screening in Venice

Posted by SJP in Feature Film 'The Tailor of Autumn (2014) by Shaun Wilson.
Pell in Uber Memoria XIX: Part II

Delighted to feature as one of the Astronauts in the second of x5 companion video art pieces to the feature film 'The Tailor of Autumn (2014) by Australian director Shaun Wilson. Uber Memoria XIX: Part II was filmed at the National Gallery of Victoria and Indented Heads, in Jan 2014. The short film premiered at the Berlin Film Festival, Director's Lounge 4 Feb, 2014, and screens 6-13 June, 2014 at the Palazzo Albrizzi, Venice, Italy.

Uber Memoria XIX: Part II. A Shaun Wilson Film



Only Australian Finalist: chance to Summit Kilimajaro

Posted by SJP in The Summit | Mt. Kilimanarjo, Tanzania.
Pell Finalist Summit Kilimanarjo 2014

Thank you for your votes. I have made it to the finals to climb Mt. Kilimanjaro alongside global leaders and change-makers. The Summit Kilimanjaro team is taking 30 of the world’s leading tech entrepreneurs, investors and influencers and 5 individuals to climb Mount Kilimanjaro to raise money for Water Charity to help some of the poorest in Africa. With your votes, I came in 24th place and I am in the final round competing to summit and speak on The Summit main stage 2014.

Wish me luck!! I'll be joining The Summit, Dublin, UK.

Watch the video...


OPTICKS live art performance earth-moon-earth

Posted by SJP in Astronomers without Boarders | Netherlands
Sarah Jane Pell's image from the Moon, OPTICKS live performance 2014

Honoured that my image and a personal poem dedicated to Lunar Gaia travelled to the Moon and back on the 13th April 2014, as part of the OPTICKS live performance for Global Astronomy month and recorded by the Dwingeloo Radio Telescope. The radio waves of this image are still travelling into the cosmos at the speed of light thanks to event curator Daniela de Paulis in collaboration with CAMRAS radio amateur Jan van Muijlwijk.

Planet Earth & Moon 13th APR 2014.



OCEAN SYNAPSE: Performance by Pell & Burke

Posted by SJP in 4WDS13 World Water Day Symposium | Global Live Event
Ocean Synapse Pell & Burke 2014

Exploring the idea of water as a medium for global communication, Ocean Synapse premiered as a live stream media performance via the online Waterwheel platform for World Water Day. The two author/artists Sarah Jane Pell and Ben Burke performed between two hemispheres. Preliminary filming occurred in Oakland, CA and Port Phillip Bay, VIC across the Pacific Ocean. Stay tuned, as Usman Riaz will score the short film in June 2014 adding another layer to this global story...

International World Water Day, 21 MAR 2014.



State Street Speaker Series in Partnership with TED

Posted by SJP in State Street, Sydney Australia.
Sarah Jane Pell State Street Speaker Series Sydney 2014

It was a privledge to be able to give the inaugural Speaker Series talk at the State Street corporation Sydney Office. TED are partnering with the Speaker Series is to instill a culture of innovation at State Street. Describing how I perform aquabatics and navigate the challenges of interdisciplinary project planning to a group of finance experts might seem like an odd fit, but 99% of attendees agreed that the talk will help broaden their perspective and think about solutions to challenges.

State Street, Sydney 5 FEB 2014

Watch talks online..


First ARC Discovery Submission

Posted by SJP in Visiting Research Fellow, RMIT University 2012-2014
Pell at Exertion Games Lab

My first ARC DP15 submission as Co-CI with Associate Professor Florian 'Floyd' Mueller. Our project examines the opportunities for new kinds of bodily play engagements that interactive technologies bring to the aquatic domain. By way of a research-through-design approach that draws from theory on exertion games and interactive aquatic performance, this work will create three inspirational interactive aquatic play systems.

RMIT University, Exertion Games Lab



Joining the cast as 'Aquilius' for 51 Paintings

Posted by SJP in Feature Film | The Tailor of Autumn by Shaun Wilson.
The Tailor of Autumn Shoot

In 2006, Australian director Shaun Wilson visited the Romanesque-Gothic St. Michael's church in Schwäbisch Hall, Germany, encountering 51 medieval religious paintings. After painstakingly copying each artwork into a small travel notebook, Shaun reconstructed each painting through video using a series of actors and friends in locations of historical significance. Filmed between 2006-2013 in Germany, Australia and the UK, those images now form a unique blend of artistic beauty and cinematic stillness. Pell was delighted to join the cast as 'Aquilius' and dive into the Melbourne City baths.



Oceanic Performance Biennale

Posted by SJP in Emergent Ecologies Lab, OPB13 Auckland NZ.
Oceanic Performance Biannale logo

Invited Speaker in this inaugural Oceanic Performance Biennial we explore: Isles of practice (customary and contemporary); Isles of thought (Oceanic and Western); Isles of cultures (Oceanic, European and Asian); Isles of disciplines (performance studies and design, architecture, performing and visual arts); Isles of modalities (performances, installations, panels and papers] and Isle topographies or analogies.

Wynyard Quarter, Auckland, NZ. 22-24 NOV 2013



TERRA ZERO Keynote Conference

Posted by SJP in 17th Microwave International New Media Festival, Hong Kong ROC.
Pell at Microwave TERRA Zero

Keynote Speaker Pell presented an overview of her practice and the theme emerging from her experience in the deep sea and inspiration from outer space. She details various projects from 2002-2012 that examine human exploration of extreme environments as a rite of passage and a broader metaphor for the human condition including new designs for future imaginings for the evolution of our species. Microwave presents pioneering media artworks avidly supporting the exchange and dialogue between artists, professionals and the general public.

Run Run Shaw Creative Media Centre, 2 NOV 2013