Reimagining the practice of navigation beyond Earth's atmosphere

  • #FFD Spacesuits Sarah Jane Pell 2016
  • #SAMI Sarah Jane Pell 2016
  • #TEDxMelbourne2015 Sarah Jane Pell
  • #Adelphi Sarah Jane Pell 2014
  • #ProjectPossum Sarah Jane Pell 2016

Reviving expeditionary artist practice in modern astronautics, exploration and extreme performance sites.

Australia Council Fellow Sarah Jane Pell

Performing Astronautics, AU 2016
Australia Council Fellowship project, Experimental and Emerging Arts, AU. 2016-2018.

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The PHEnOM Project Promo

The PHEnOM Project, US 2017
Citizen-Scientist Astronaut, Commercial Spaceflight Research Training Program, US. 2017-2019.

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Project POSEIDON Mission Patch

Project POSEIDON, US 2018
Proposed 100-day undersea exploration & research expedition, Aquarius Reef Base, FL. 2018.

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FFD Spacesuit test flight Sarah Jane Pell 2016

Final Frontier Designs, US 2016
Astronaut Candidate, Suborbital IVA Spacesuit Validation Test Flight, Boulder, CO. Aug 2016.

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Moonwalk EVA 2016 SIM Astronaut Sarah Jane Pell Photo Alexis Rosenfeld

Project Moonwalk, EU 2016
Simulation Astronaut, Lunar EVA at European Undersea Analogue, Marseille, FR. May 2016.

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Project Possum astronaut candidate Sarah Jane Pell, 2016

Project PoSSUM, 2016
Artist-Astronaut Candidate, Polar Suborbital Science in Upper Mesosphere, Florida, US. Mar 2016.

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