Icarus Interstellar: Senior Space Art Consultant

Sarah Jane Pell

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Keynote Speaker: Special Evening with Interstellar Art

The Icarus Interstellar Starship Congress aims to bring together the interstellar community to foster discussion and generate tangible action. Our ambition is to move humanity toward becoming an interstellar civilization, with a broad campaign of exploration and migration to begin by the year 2100.

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Dr. Pell was honoured to present a Keynote and host a Special Evening of Space Art. After a wonderful introduction by Session Chair Dr. Rachel Armstrong, Pell gave an a keynote on the imperitive of creative disruptive thinking and poetic action before the Black Sky Thinking Prize was launched. Pell hosted an evening screening os artworks by artist and inventors working with space and starship time scales including representatives of the ESA Topical Team for Art and Science [ETTAS] Bradley Pitts from the US who works with parabolic flight, Dr. Kristen Johansen and Dr. Angelo Vermeulen who create artworks and projects aligned with the European Space Agency and Iyako Ono who works with the Japanese Space Agency among others. Pell also presented her latest project as a final interactive engagement with the audience of scientists, engineers, entreprenaurs and enthusiasts: taking an interactive motion mimicing aquatic robot that she has developed and situating it in previous speaker's slides - from those exploring warp-drive and novel propulsion to thos explaining chemical engineering and interstellar life - to disrupt present thinking and provoke creative open discussion. Dr. Pell was honoured, at the conclusion of her presentation, with the appointment of Senior Space Art Consultant by the President of Icarus Interstellar live on stage. She looks forward to working with the commmunity for a very long time to come...

Icarus Interstellar Members 2013

Icarus Interstellar Starship Congress Dallas, Texas, 15-18 AUG 2013

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The 2013 Icarus Interstellar Starship Congress was a four-day event. The first three days were dedicated to interstellar accomplishments in specific timescales: Interstellar Now (Next 20 Years), Interstellar This Lifetime (20-50 Years), and Interstellar Future (50 Years+). These are the near-term, medium-term and long-term focuses necessary for the realization of our ambition. The fourth day is a chance to network and plan for the future.

Presenters are a combination of scientists, physicists, engineers, researchers, and representatives from international space programs and present-day commercial space operators, as well as popular and well-known interstellar speakers and space journalists. Special note: Day 3 presenters include Science Fiction celebrities, authors and creators. The fourth day is for discussion of future plans and a summary of the congress.

See http://www.icarusinterstellar.org

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