University of Kassel (2019): Kassel, DE

Pressure Perfect

#Extreme #Habitat #Naturen

Keynote Speakers: Paul Zabel, Max Rieder, Sarah Jane Pell, René Waclavicek. Moderation: Marie-Therese Harnoncourt, Barbara Imhof

Impulsvorträge mit anschließendem Podiumsgespräch Paul Zabel, Deutsche Zentrum für Luft- und Raumfahrt, Bremen „Leben und forschen in der Antarktis“ Max Rieder, Architekt und Kulturtechniker, Salzburg „23-1-9-19-5-18“ Sarah Jane Pell, Künstlerin, Berufstaucherin, Melbourne, Australia „Pressure perfect“ René Waclavicek, LIQUIFER Systems Group, Wien „Architektur für erste Mondhabitate – Moon Village“. Extreme environmental conditions sharpen our view on the essentials in the planning of habitable spaces for humans. This design project titled, "Remote/Extreme Water/Ice Research Station Architecture" led by Dr. Barbara Imhof, is also about dealing with the relationships between space - people and interior space - exterior space. The Symposium #Extreme #Habitat #Naturen COOP/Symposium Architektonisches Entwerfen mit EuG Entwerfen und Gebäudelehre takes a look at one year as gardeneer on the white contintent (Antarctica), an architect/engineer who can call himself a refridgeration mechanic, an artist designing missions to live underwater, and tips from an architect building on the Moon.

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#Extreme #Habitat #Naturen COOP/Symposium Architektonisches Entwerfen mit EuG Entwerfen und Gebäudelehre Official Poster;
Dr Sarah Jane Pell live-streams "Pressure Perfect", University of Kassel, Faculty of Architecture, Urban Planning, Landscape Planning, 10 Dec 2019.

"Pressure Perfect" by Artist Aquanaut Dr. Sarah Jane Pell introduces the complexities of subsea habitability and the realities marine operations. The tour of undersea stations includes the Atlantica Expeditions Challenger Station, Tektite II, and Aquarius Reef Undersea Laboratory. Each site is contextualised by the hyperbaric design challenges showing how pressure has impact on engineering, physiology, behaviour and aquabatic performance. Pell will also show prior work in human performance underwater, and briefly introduce recent collaborations on MoonMars Simulations - from working with virtual reality, immersive art, motion capture and human-robotic cooperation - to discuss how exponential technologies are influencing her current preparations for leading the Tektite 2020 all female subsea habitat mission.

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"Pressure Perfect" presented by Sarah Jane Pell, #Extreme #Habitat #Naturen COOP/Symposium Architektonisches Entwerfen mit EuG Entwerfen und Gebäudelehre, 10 Dec 2019.
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