MUA National Conference (2012): Sydney AU

"We are the mighty MUA and we're here to stay."
140th Year Maritime Union of Australia

Quadannual Conference, Sydney Convention Centre, Darling Harbour

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140th Year Maritime Union of Australia, Quadannual Conference, Sydney Convention Centre, Darling Harbour, May 2012.

MUA and ITF President Address

Maritime Union and ITF President Paddy Crumlin opened the 2012 MUA National Conference, welcoming a range of delegates and international guests. Highlighting the policy and strategy for the next four years, Mr. Crumlin covered several topics including international solidarity, technological advances and preparing the youth to ensure that the union continues to fight from the front. Over the next few days, more than 250 rank and file delegates from state and territory branches, plus guests of domestic and international alliances from other trade unions and the ITF, sought to understand, finalize and take up our resolutions for our future.

MUA Diver - TAS Branch Conference Attendance Report [Excerpt]

There was a buzz and excitement across Darling Harbour as a sea of MUA shirts took over the Sydney Convention Center and surrounding cafes, pubs and hotel lobbies. The 140th Year celebrations kicked-off with the Women, Youth and Veteran committees and an inaugural presentation by the newly formed MUA Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islander (ATSI) Committee. It was this focus – on the small but significant minority – which proudly set the tone for our united resolve for fostering inclusion and setting the stage for continuing solidarity in respecting diversity, supporting equality and promoting well-being for all maritime workers. It was pretty clear that the concerns and experiences shared by all speaker comrades were universal to the struggles, shared dreams and needs of us all – salty and non-salty, wet and dry! There was so much to learn – the proud traditions and legacy of successful campaigns that have paved the way for the rights and conditions we now know today as basic standards; the struggles and hardships that have called for our communities to act, to make change and to continually seek improvements for all workers; the stories of personal tragedy and triumph; the visible and invisible people in our workplaces and communities that need our support, our help, our understanding. Sadly, there were so many shared ongoing issues of harassment, assault, bullying, and discrimination in our workplaces and communities; and equally lessoned learned and shared goals for anti-violence against women; a need for a network of mentors for new members, delegates and committee members; culturally appropriate education and training, fair work protections, various legal and community reforms; and recognition of our local and global responsibilities…and that was just the first day!!

MWJ The Maritime Workers' Journal Autumn/Winter 2012 MWJ p18-19 Autumn/Winter 2012

Dr. Sarah Jane Pell, MWJ The Maritime Workers' Journal Autumn/Winter 2012, p18-19.

MUA Divers Conference

Fremantle MUA Branch, Victoria Quay July 2012

Branch Secretary Welcome

Maritime Union Ian Bray opened the 2012 MUA Divers Conference, welcoming a range of onshore and offshore divers, LST, Supervisors, Operators and guests from government, diver training schools and wider industry including ADAS Australian Diving Standards Association, The Divers Association, The Underwater Centre, Fremantle and Standards Australia. The focus of the meeting was occupational diver safety in Australian and international waters.

MUA Divers Conference WA Branch 1 2012 MUA Divers Conference Speaker 2012 MUA Divers Conference Panel 2012 MUA Divers Conference T-Shirt 2012 MUA Divers Conference Poster 2012

Dr. Sarah Jane Pell, MUA Divers Conference Fremantle MUA Branch, Victoria Quay July 18-20 2012.

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National Conference Video 2012

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