Interdisciplinary Art & Science Initiatives

  • Finding Your Brain In Amniotic Fluid, 2007 The beginning of a metaphysic observation collaboration Behdad Rezazadeh and Dr. Sarah Jane Pell
  • Atlantica Expeditions
  • Interdepend - Pell & Coutts, Pacific Commercial Divers Workshop 2005
  • Lifeboat Project
  • Interdepend - Pell & Coutts, Pacific Commercial Divers Workshop 2005

Embracing Interdisciplinary, International and Intercultural graduate studiolab to find excellence in critical discourse and collaboration.

Gravity Well- Sarah Jane Pell - Photo Lucy McRae

Gravity Well: Underwater Play 2013
Set at the 2040 Lunar Olympiad, Gravity Well encourages communication between the body in water and two underwater play objects we call “exploration fish” to perform aquabatic movements.

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LiquidUni: Underwater Cinema Learning 2011
A vision for accelerating full-bodied proprioceptive education and EVA simulated training in neutral buoyancy using underwater VR & surround cinematic technologies.

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SubCulture: Liminal Biosphere 2005-2011
A proposed interdisciplinary study of long-duration immersion in water developed as a live art and life-science habitat performance laboratory experience.

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Atlantica Expeditions

Atlantica Expedition: Undersea Habitat Mission 2007-2017
Atlantica Expedition's mission is to integrate humankind into the ocean environment in a responsible manner. Official Aquanaut Crew.

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Prototype Dual Re-breather, Patent-pending Sarah Jane Pell 2005

Prototype Dual Re-breather, Patent-pending Pell & Coutts 2005
A two-person re-breather configuration proposed as an alternative emergency response system and social science response to the politic of sharing air.

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Biomimetic Oxygen Re-breather, Patent-pending Sarah Jane Pell 2005

Prototype Biomimetic Oxygen Re-breather, Patent-pending Pell 2005
A self-contained breathing apparatus combining an Oxygen therapy hood with biomimetic designed systems in a re-breather configuration. Requires re-design to minimize waste and re-supply.

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