TEDx Rockhampton (2013) : A glimpse into the future

Towards an Australian Space Arts Policy.

Sarah Jane Pell


Dr. Sarah Jane Pell is an Australian artist engaged in art and science research intersecting the performing arts, human movement, underwater diving, human spaceflight and exploration, and extreme habitat technologies.


  • "Working in cooperation with scientists, engineers and technologists from NASA, ESA, JAXA and Australia, I can confidently say that every space project needs an artist." @sarahjanepell @TEDxRockhampton
  • "Why not imagine artists working in every corner of the globe and indeed the galaxy?" @sarahjanepell @aquabatics #TEDxRockhampton
  • "Australia’s first Space Policy was released in May 2013 and it is my dream that we work towards Australia’s first space arts policy by 2015 as one small step towards a human and cultural presence in this part of the sector." @aquabatics #TEDxRockhampton
  • This talk was given at TEDxRockhampton 2013

    TEDxRockhampton took place on Saturday 25 May 2013 at Central Queensland University, Rockhampton. See https://tedxrockhampton.com

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