Todays Art (2016) Int. Festival Beyond Art: The Hague, NL

We are Europe presents: Art Astrospace and MoonMars

Bright Collisions, Filmhuis Studio A & Spuiplein, The Hague, NL

Bernard Foing, Entropy, Angeliki Kapglou, Agata Kolodziejczyk & Sarah Jane Pell

ESTEC todaysart-1 Bernard Foing, 2016 ESTEC todaysart-4 Sarah Jane Pell, Angeliki Kapglou, Agata Kolodziejczyk, 2016 ESTEC todaysart-2 Sarah Jane Pell, 2016 ESTEC todaysart-3 Sarah Jane Pell, Angeliki Kapglou, Agata Kolodziejczyk, 2016 ESTEC todaysart-5 Foing, Pell, Kapglou, Agata Kolodziejczyk, 2016 ESTEC todaysart-6 Entropy: Bernard Foing, Dida Markovic, Zazralt Magic, Elie Zazaniri, 2016

What do artists, space researchers and astrophysicists have in common? The urge to explore new domains, find new tools, create awareness, and expand life and humanity beyond our limits. At TodaysArt 2016, researchers from ESA European Space Agency join members of the Entropy team to survey the latest discoveries in cosmology and astrophysics, address the human and social aspects of space exploration, and examine possible human MoonMars habitats. After opening the session with a keynote address, Bernard Foing moderates a series of presentations by Zazralt Magic and Dida Markovic of the Entropy team, Angeliki Kapglou, Agata Kolodziejczyk and Sarah Jane Pell. The session concludes at night by relocating to the Spuiplein, transforming one of the agoras into a MoonMars village replete with a hands-on demonstration of remotely-controlled astrospace instruments and interstellar musical entertainment.

This project is presented in the framework of We are Europe by Insomnia Festival and Sonar Festival. Bright Collisions, Filmhuis & Spuiplein, The Hague, NL. 22-23 Sep 2016.

Media Interviews

We are Europe Life on Mars, Art on the Moon?, interview with Bernard Foing by Sonar+D. 11 Oct 2016

Australia Council Logo

Attendance at this event was possible due to the Performing Astronautics project assisted by the Australian Government through the Australia Council, its arts funding and advisory body.

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