Arts Leaders Zoom Workshop: Black Sky Thinking 10 July 2017

Facilitated by Dr. Sarah Jane Pell. Based on work by Dr. Rachel Armstrong

  • Short Term Thinking engages us up to 5 years ahead. It is largely a deterministic process.
  • Blue Sky Thinking engages us up to 15 years ahead. It is largely a linear progression of short term thinking.
  • Black Sky Thinking reaches beyond 100 years. It engages us in unknown spectrums to purposefully re-frame our futures.
  • The concept of Black Sky Thinking lends itself to a great many examples, visuals and participatory entanglements. Sarah Jane will be drawing from her speculative work with Prof. Rachel Armstrong, and as Senior Art Advisor to Icarus Interstellar: the 200 year starship program. As our Arts Leader peer Rita Pryce says, it takes centuries to develop culture. It requires imagination, tools, vehicles and patience.

    Together in this introductory ZOOM, we will explore how to be Projectionaries [10mins + 10min breakout + 5min reflection], how to support and sustain Entanglement [10mins + 10 min breakout + 5 min inflection], how to launch through invisible ceilings and reframe our projection, expectations and beliefs, to collaboratively, and speculatively, redesign our FuturePrint over generations [10mins + 10 min breakout + 5 min deflection].

    Come prepared with open curiosity, ready to share your passion, and open to 'unlock' your thinking. Together you will be guided in the development of a new future print from your out of this art world thinking. Watch Black Sky Thinking Prize - The Search For Next Generation Interstellar Pioneers [2:00 + credits] just before you log on.

    The Arts Leaders Program is an Australia Council for the Arts, Strategies and Frameworks initiative.

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