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Atlantica Expeditions // Undersea Habitat Mission Official Aquanaut Crew

90 day undersea habitat mission lead by Aquanaut Dennis Chamberland, Atlantica Expedition's mission is to integrate humankind into the ocean environment in a responsible manner.

Atlantica Expeditions

Undersea Habitat Project and the dream for an Undersea Colony...

Atlantica Expedition's mission is to integrate humankind into the ocean environment in a responsible manner. Through the innovation of radically creative intelligent architecture and engineering married to human cultural philosophy, Atlantica crews seek to establish the first human community that teaches a "zero waste" policy, and to continuously and comprehensively diagnose ocean health with intelligent eyes & technologies.

"Until now, we have been blind to nearly three quarters of our planet's largest and most important biome. But now we will see..."

The Challenger Station habitat – the largest manned undersea habitat ever built, will be launched off the Florida coast and establish the first permanent undersea human colony.

"These efforts do not represent an underwater hotel, an outpost or a way-station, or a laboratory. They will establish a human community: The first humans who will relocate there and stay with no intention of ever calling dry land our home again. They represent the first generation of a people who will live out their lives beneath the sea. And they are ready."

Dennis Chamberland, AQ. Atlantica Expedition Commander
Atlantica Expeditions Undersea Habitat Mission www.underseacolony.com

Dennis Chamberland joined NASA as a bioengineer in the mid '80s, just as the manned space program was starting to thunder forward. But rather than looking up to the stars, he began looking down - deep down. As a developer of the agency's Advanced Space Life Support Systems, which monitors the safety for all off-planet habitation pursuits, Chamberland soon became a lead proponent of research on an idea being floated by NASA at the time: using the sea as a testbed for space exploration. Before long, this homegrown explorer would become one of the country's leading proponents of undersea habitation, and an advocate for what he calls the "space-ocean analog." An aquanaut and Mission Commander on seven NASA underwater missions, Chamberland has also pursued landmark research in bioengineering and become a prolific writer of science books and sci-fi novels. But it was his work for NASA that resulted in his harvesting of the first agricultural crop in a manned habitat on the sea floor, and led to his designing and construction of the Scott Carpenter Space Analog Station, a two man undersea habitat off Key Largo. The little permanent submarine has been visited by a range of curious futurist explorers, including James Cameron and TV producer Rod Roddenberry, Jr. Source: BBC Bioengineer aspires to colonize the sea By Alex Pasternack, Motherboard editor January 12, 2011 -- Updated 1647 GMT (0047 HKT) See the rest of The Aquatic Life of Dennis Chamberland at VBS.TV

Undersea Colony Mission

The League of New World Explorers

Dennis Chamberland introduces the Atlantica Expeditions ©League of New World Explorers

Official Aquanaut Crew Dr. Sarah Jane Pell

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