Sponsorship Packages for 2017

Become an equipment sponsor, a training partner, a media sponsor, a services provider, research collaborator or a documentary investor. Talk to Sarah's team about ways that we can align this dream with your brand and together we can bend horizons from the top of the world.

Equipment Sponsorship Base Camp Sponsors 3D Interactive Branding Website Branding Exhibition Sponsorship Speaker Partnership

Premier Sponsors

DIAMOND PEAK Sponsor ($33,000) PLATNUM Sponsor ($20,000) GOLD Sponsor ($10,000)
Unique artwork made on Mt. Everest Unique 3min 360° HD Climbing Video Unique 1min 360° HD Treking Video
Premier Expedition Branding Rights Prime Logo Placement on Clothing Prime Logo Placement on Equipment
500g Payload carried to Everest Summit Corporate Flag at Everest Summit Corporate Flag at Everest Camps
360° HD Interactive Media Branding Documentary Media Branding Public Speaking Branding
SILVER Sponsor ($5,000) BRONZE Sponsor ($1,000) OXYGEN Sponsor ($100)
30sec HD Video from Mt. Everest Digital Print from Mt. Everest Personal SMS from Mt. Everest
Base Camp Logo Placement Expedition Website Logo Expedition Website Name
Public Speaking Branding Interactive Media Credit Roll Website Video Credit Roll
Support the spirit of adventure and invest in high visible worldwide media and exploration.

The costs of these adventures and Mount Everest itself are hurdles that explorers and artists often find insurmountable. Fundraising is as big a challenge as the dream. We are therefore offering once-in-a-life-time returns to thank all sponsors and partners.