(C)osmosisArt: in_between_art_science & technology (2020) Cambridge Scholars Publishing Ltd, UK

Spatial Performance Realities: Signatures of a Sea and Space Body

Cosmosart in Practice.


Spacefaring has become a muse for the work of Pell. It embodies the strong continuing partnership between ‘imagineering’ and action. This essay provides an in-depth understanding of her pioneering work including prototypes, hypothesis, methods and emotive aesthetics uniquely created through her interdisciplinary works. Analysis of her work contributes new design insights and alternative understanding central to the (c)osmosart movement.

Performing Astronautics

Call me an Artist Astronaut. As an ‘artist’, I’m using creativity as a vehicle to space. I can bring together incredible talent and embodied tools to unlock human performance, culture and creativity in space exploration. My artistic interest in following the body's natural edge into the abyss of space is spiritual, visceral and techno-poetic. As an ‘astronaut’, I have a way for the artist’s body to provide glimpses into the future. Spacefaring is an obvious state of art in its risk and experimentation. Even from this Earthly perspective, the promise of unique spatial performance realities challenges us to expand our psychological and imaginative limits. While I am visualising and realising pathways for a creative life in space from here on the ground, with the embodied immersive knowledge of a terrestrial visual artist and an underwater performance artist, new senses and instruments (real/illusory) are emerging through mixed realities and material arts practices which tune into signatures of a cosmic sea and space body. I refer to this pursuit as ‘performing astronautics’...

Pell, S.J. (exp. 2020) Spatial Performance Realities: Signatures of Sea and Space Bodies, In. (C)osmosisArt: in_between_art_science & technology, Eds. Ioannis Michaloudis & Yuri Tanaka, Cambridge Scholars Publishing Ltd, UK. Accepted Oct 2018.
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