Deeper CD (2017) Audio Recording

Deeper, Deeper, Deeper...' Deep Performance Enhancement Coaching

Written and performed by Sarah Jane Pell Post Production Alister Morley, Melbourne AU.

Limited Edition Release, Inside Running: the Sport of Art exhibition, Fremantle Arts Centre, Perth International Arts Festival

Deeper Deeper Deeper... CD Pell 2013

Deeper, Deeper, Deeper...' Deep Performance Enhancement Coaching Tool, Sarah Jane Pell 2013. CDs Available to purchase for $25AUD

Navy seals - much like performance artists, martial artists, dancers, athletes and religious - use mental strategies to achieve peak performance. Creating an artwork completely encapsulated within the confines of a single headspace seems fitting for an exhibition in this historic building - a former mental asylum and US Amry base opposite the aquatic centre and over-looking the Port of Fremantle. The installation invites the participant to place their head inside a commercial diving helemt and explore the inner voice of the diver and performer in all of us. Within the protective underwater technology, you will hear a composition of new works by the artist based on a fusion of the artists' own imaginative engagement with the experience of occupation diving and underwater performance exploration for 12 years. (See Diving.) and 4 highly technical psychological techniques used by Navy SEALs namely,
(1) Goal Setting - simple focused actions, performed step-by-step, calm and task-oriented;
(2) Mental Rehearsal - pre-performance visualisation, neuro-associative conditioning;
(3) Arousal Control - relaxation, breathing, body awareness, imagination;
(4) Self-talk - positive affirmations, pep-talk, and posture.

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