Engineers Australia Convention (2014) Melbourne AU

Where are all the women leaders?

Dr. Leonie Walsh, Dr. Sarah Jane Pell, May Ngui and Dr. Marlene Kanga, AO.

Women in Engineering Breakfast Seminar, Melbourne Exhibition & Convention Centre, 24-28 Nov 2014.

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Women in Engineering Breakfast Seminar Keynote Panel: Dr. Leonie Walsh, Dr. Sarah Jane Pell, May Ngui and Dr. Marlene Kanga, AO. with Host Nee Nee Ong (WIENC Chair).
Engineers Australia Convention, Melbourne Exhibition & Convention Centre, 24-28 Nov 2014

Artist Dr. Sarah Jane Pell joined a leading female engineer, business person, and eminent scientist to take an in-depth look on the position of women in leadership for the Women in Engineering Keynote Breakfast Seminar. She noted that the Engineering Australia EA Convention 2014 was the largest engineering event ever held in the southern hemisphere. EA advertised a conference budget surplus of 3.4M in the FY2014 Annual Report. The Women in Engineering National Committee however did not receive, nor request, any funds to pay the women panelist speaker fees despite her insistence/suggestion. Questions from the audience - approx 97% women - highlighted their general level of satisfaction with engineering opportunities in Australia but asked what they should do to better position themselves for promotion. I'd start with equal breakast pay.


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