ISS EXP 52 launch (2017) Baikonur Cosmodrome, Kazakhstan

T+1, 29 July 2017: ISS rendezvous and docking

Expedition 52 Crew Trio Arrives at ISS after Express Soyuz Rendezvous

An accelerated six-hour rendezvous profile

The 134th flight of a Soyuz spacecraft employed the accelerated six-hour rendezvous profile included four orbit raising-maneuvers on its first two orbits around Earth followed by a fully automated rendezvous to set up for docking to the Station’s Rassvet Module at 21:54 UTC. Inclination: 51.64 Degrees. Period: 92.65mins. Soyuz MS-05 made a safe & on-time docking to the crew’s orbital workplace for the next four and a half months. After a hard mate is formed between the Rassvet module and Soyuz, the crew initiate a typical leak check for ~90 mins to verify the seal between the two spacecraft is holding pressure. Finally, the hatch opens. Salute with Vodka.

soyuz-ms05-rendezvou-iss-docking-photo-sarah-jane-pell-exp52-28/29jul2017-1 soyuz-ms05-rendezvou-iss-docking-photo-sarah-jane-pell-exp52-28/29jul2017-2 soyuz-ms05-rendezvou-iss-docking-photo-sarah-jane-pell-exp52-28/29jul2017-6 soyuz-ms05-rendezvou-iss-docking-photo-sarah-jane-pell-exp52-28/29jul2017-3 soyuz-ms05-rendezvou-iss-docking-photo-sarah-jane-pell-exp52-28/29jul2017-4 soyuz-ms05-rendezvou-iss-docking-photo-sarah-jane-pell-exp52-28/29jul2017-5

Roscosmos hosted a 03:00AM 'Docking Party' for ROSCOSMOS/ESA/NASA Crew Support Teams and Crew Family & Guests, Theatre Baikonur Kasakstahn, 28/29 July 2017.

Farewell and thanks to the teams who put Exp 52 into space

Farewell the ESA Mission Support and Crew Guests; Depart "Sputnik Hotel"; final group tour photo; Return flight to Moscow.

crew-welcome-call-exp52-29jul2017-9 country-of-space-tourism-group-photo-sarah-jane-pell-exp52-29jul2017-7 country-of-space-tourism-group-photo-sarah-jane-pell-exp52-29jul2017-8

Crew welcome call to "home". Country of Space Toursim Farewell Group Photo at the "Fisherman's Statue" just outside of Baikonur Kasakstahn, 29 July 2017.

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