Danks Street Gallery (2006) Waterloo AU

The Freedman Foundation Awards Exhibition 2006

Ahn Wells, Peter Alwast, Sean Cordeiro, Claire Healey, Danielle Hastie, Sarah Jane Pell

Danks Street Depot 1 features the returning scholars from the 2004 selection, Curated by Nick Vickers on behalf of The Freedman Foundation Awards under the administration of the National Association for the Visual Arts (NAVA), Oct 1 - Nov 5, 2006

Sarah Jane Pell presented a paired video installation. The silent fast-paced and frolicking media performance Revolution 2005 contrasted the glistening long-duration work Hydrophilia 2004 with it's haunting 'underwater breathing' soundscape. The two works reflect the spirit of Pell's Freedman Foundation Travelling Scholar 2004 discoveries.

freedman-2006-exhibition-1-Sarah-Jane-Pell freedman-2006-exhibition-2-Sarah-Jane-Pell freedman-2006-exhibition-3-Sarah-Jane-Pell
Revolution, 2005 and Hydrophilia 2004, by Sarah Jane Pell installed in the Freedman Award exhibition, DEPOT Danks Street Gallery (2006) Sydney AU

"Hungering for a way to completely immerse herself in a new environment and saturate herself within the culture of the day-to-day of her contemporaries, Sarah Jane Pell welcomed the Freedman Foundation Support to travel to the UK to gain new insights into her own work and the wider contemporary performance praxis. Sarah Jane arrived to perform at the Greenroom Theatre in Manchester in October of 2004. She became a visiting artist/researcher at the Live Art Research Unit, Nottingham Trent University, and the Live Art Development Agency, London, where she accessed the world's largest and most comprehensive live art archives. She extended her stay in London for an additional month to continue research, exploration of possible commissions and new potentials for collaborating with other artists. She concluded her journey by peforming 'Under Current' at the Bonnington Gallery, Nottingham in December 2004. Since 2004, Sarah Jane has returned to the UK twice to perform, develop projects and nurture critical relationships. She presented 'Sub Culture' at the prestigious RoundHouse London for Space Soon: art & Human spaceflight' exhibition in Septemeber 2006 after returning from an intensive nine week Summer Session Program at the International Space University, Strasbourg France where she was the only artist amongst 104 international delegates. "In hindsight, the experience helped me to develop new skills, knowledge and awareness. It also inspired confidence and enabled me to consolidate my focus and resolve in relation to my own practice, thus contributing significantly to my wider professional standing and ongoing artistic growth" Sarah Jane Pell, 2006.

freedman-foundation-awards-exhibition-2006-catalogue-pg-2 freedman-foundation-awards-exhibition-2006-catalogue-pg-3 freedman-foundation-awards-exhibition-2006-catalogue-pg-4 freedman-foundation-awards-exhibition-2006-catalogue-pg-5 freedman-foundation-awards-exhibition-2006-catalogue-pg-6 freedman-foundation-awards-exhibition-2006-catalogue-pg-1
The Freedman Foundation Awards Exhibition 2006, Catalogue from the SPELLART Archive, Loosely Photographed 2020, Documenting Exhibition Notes Pages 1-6.

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