GLEX (2023) Açores Portugal

What's next? Discoveries from the Edge

4th Global Exploration Summit (GLEX) Angra do Heroísmo, Terciera Is.

Hosted by The Explorers Club, President Richard Garriott de Cayeux, and Expanding World, founder Manuel Vaz.

Space - Oceans - Land

GLEX presents a platform to immerse in some of the most daring expeditions of the 21st century, ventures that have taken us to unprecedented heights and depths. Expeditions range from exploring planetary surfaces to uncovering pristine paleoanthropological sites, among others. These are literally discoveries from the edge of space, oceans, and lands. The program highlighted a crucial point for us as Explorers: the necessity to recognize and adapt to evolving environments for success and survival.

GLEX2023-photo-Sarah-Jane-Pell-1. GLEX2023-photo-Sarah-Jane-Pell-2. GLEX2023-photo-Sarah-Jane-Pell-3. GLEX2023-photo-Sarah-Jane-Pell-4. GLEX2023-photo-Sarah-Jane-Pell-5. GLEX2023-photo-Sarah-Jane-Pell-6. GLEX2023-photo-Sarah-Jane-Pell-7. GLEX2023-photo-Sarah-Jane-Pell-8.

We confront firsthand the narratives and insights from unexpected encounters and interactions during these explorations, gleaning lessons from each experience. These stories span a broad spectrum, from sacred journeys to deep-sea predators, and from space debris environmentalists to biologists who unravel the secrets of the past.

GLEX2023-photo-Sarah-Jane-Pell-13. GLEX2023-photo-Sarah-Jane-Pell-12. GLEX2023-photo-Sarah-Jane-Pell-14. GLEX2023-photo-Sarah-Jane-Pell-31. GLEX2023-photo-Sarah-Jane-Pell-27.
Day 1: The world's most inspiring Explorers summit. Centro Cultural e de Congressos de Angra do Heroísmo, GLEX 2023 Photo, Sarah Jane Pell.

I'm a fan of this fellowship community: one emcompassing all kinds of curiosity and passion from astronauts to scuba divers, unconventional biologists to micro photographers, pioneering cavers to alpinists, filmmakers to anthropologists, and wild brumby riders to indigenous storytellers. It was a pleasure to mix with familiar sages and new talent. By us each asking, "What's next?" on a volcanic treasure-island the middle of the Atlantic, how could bold new ventures, friendships and horizons not errupt?

GLEX2023-photo-Sarah-Jane-Pell-15. GLEX2023-photo-Sarah-Jane-Pell-10. GLEX2023-photo-Sarah-Jane-Pell-11. GLEX2023-photo-Sarah-Jane-Pell-16.

The gathering was a vibrant mosaic of kindred (restless yet purposeful) spirits: everyone comfortable with complexity, kindness and daring, able to navigate press crews, politicians, patrons, and partners, and equipped with pins, pashminas and Patagonia footwear. I was not speaking, performing, or presenting, and so I could listen generously. It was a privledge to have only bold inspiration, raw discovery, and deep connection in sight. GLEX, Açores could be my new home.

GLEX2023-photo-Sarah-Jane-Pell-23. GLEX2023-photo-Sarah-Jane-Pell-19. GLEX2023-photo-Sarah-Jane-Pell-24. GLEX2023-photo-Sarah-Jane-Pell-17. GLEX2023-photo-Sarah-Jane-Pell-18. GLEX2023-photo-Sarah-Jane-Pell-28. GLEX2023-photo-Sarah-Jane-Pell-29. GLEX2023-photo-Sarah-Jane-Pell-9. GLEX2023-photo-Sarah-Jane-Pell-30.

Day 2: "What's, Next?" Centro Cultural e de Congressos de Angra do Heroísmo, GLEX 2023 Photo, Sarah Jane Pell.

Angra do Heroísmo 2023 photo-Sarah-Jane-Pell-1. Angra do Heroísmo 2023-photo-Sarah-Jane-Pell-2. Angra do Heroísmo 2023-photo-Sarah-Jane-Pell-3. Angra do Heroísmo 2023-photo-Sarah-Jane-Pell-4. Angra do Heroísmo 2023-photo-Sarah-Jane-Pell-11.

Angra do Heroísmo, GLEX Summit’s host city, was listed as a UNESCO World Heritage site in 1983. Photos, Sarah Jane Pell, GLEX 2023.

Algar do Carvão Cave 2023 photo-Sarah-Jane-Pell-1. Algar do Carvão Cave 2023-photo-Sarah-Jane-Pell-2. Algar do Carvão Cave 2023-photo-Sarah-Jane-Pell-3. Algar do Carvão Cave 2023-photo-Sarah-Jane-Pell-4. Algar do Carvão Cave 2023-photo-Sarah-Jane-Pell-5.

Excursion to the Algar do Carvão Cave (Cavern of Coal) on Terceira Island. Photos, Sarah Jane Pell, GLEX 2023

Angra do Heroísmo 2023-photo-Sarah-Jane-Pell-4. bioblitz 2023-photo-Sarah-Jane-Pell-2. bioblitz Cave 2023-photo-Sarah-Jane-Pell-3. bioblitz 2023-photo-Sarah-Jane-Pell-5. bioblitz 2023-photo-Sarah-Jane-Pell-6. bioblitz 2023-photo-Sarah-Jane-Pell-9. bioblitz 2023-photo-Sarah-Jane-Pell-7. Angra do Heroísmo 2023-photo-Sarah-Jane-Pell-5. Angra do Heroísmo 2023-photo-Sarah-Jane-Pell-6. Angra do Heroísmo 2023 photo-Sarah-Jane-Pell-1. Angra do Heroísmo 2023-photo-Sarah-Jane-Pell-2.

National Geographic BioBlitz Tercerira, Azores organised by Alexandra and Javier GBA with professors of Universidad dos Açores, Jardim Duque Da Terceira. Photos, Sarah Jane Pell, 2023

Fiere Agricola Terceira 2023-photo-Sarah-Jane-Pell-1. Fiere Agricola Terceira 2023-photo-Sarah-Jane-Pell-2. Fiere Agricola Terceira 2023-photo-Sarah-Jane-Pell-3. Fiere Agricola Terceira 2023 photo-Sarah-Jane-Pell-4. Fiere Agricola Terceira 2023-photo-Sarah-Jane-Pell-5.

Fiere Agriola Terceira, Photos, Sarah Jane Pell, 2023

sanjoaninas Terceira 2023-photo-Sarah-Jane-Pell-10. sanjoaninas 2023-photo-Sarah-Jane-Pell-1. sanjoaninas 2023-photo-Sarah-Jane-Pell-2. sanjoaninas 2023-photo-Sarah-Jane-Pell-3. sanjoaninas Terceira 2023-photo-Sarah-Jane-Pell-5. sanjoaninas Terceira 2023-photo-Sarah-Jane-Pell-6. sanjoaninas Terceira 2023-photo-Sarah-Jane-Pell-7. sanjoaninas Terceira 2023-photo-Sarah-Jane-Pell-8. sanjoaninas Terceira 2023 photo-Sarah-Jane-Pell-9.

Ssanjoaninas Festival, Angra do Heroísmo, Terceira. Photos, Sarah Jane Pell, 2023

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