Glimpses (2017) Los Angeles, US

Sparks & Honey Session: Humanity 2.0

Red Bull High Performance: Evolution of Evolution.

Sarah Jane Pell, Adam Zaretsky, Rashad Ali & Terry Young (Host).

Humanity is at a permanent crossroads. It's splintering, evolving and devolving all at once. There's no one future for Humanity but rather many. If we take a 10000 year horizon, humanity will exist in multiple realities at once, sapiens, cyborgs, hybrids, upgraded, degraded, radical- potentially even in multiple environments or planets.

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Glimpses is a High Performance and Human Potential Development conference hosted by Dr Andy Walshe and his team that shares approaches and often unpredictable stories behind how the best in the world succeed, and the pathways that broaden our collective understanding of the true capacity of human potential.

1. PELL - UPGRADED Let’s explore the future of modified humanity. How will extreme longevity, superintelligence, and other upcoming developments influence institutions like marriage, biological practices like sex, or cultural practices like art, music, work. Where might we live and how night we work? How would modified humans influence the emergence of new rituals and hence a renewed sense of Humanity? 2. ZARETSKY - DEGRADED As we upgrade humans we can also (intentionally or not) degrade humanity. And why not? Why not sacrifice what got us here in order to get somewhere else? Why not push what it means to be bound together as humans through a complete and total breakdown of humanity? 3. ALI - RADICAL The polarization of society will continue to present challenges never seen before. It seems almost inevitable that we will continue to to push humanity towards the radical at a massive scale. Far from the ending of humanity this will represent a new beginning. The Sparks & Honey segment, Humanity 2.0 follows 2 earlier segments Human 2.0 and Humans 2.0.

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