Perth Institute of Contemporary Arts (2006) Perth, AU


6th National Graduate Show, PICA, All Galleries, 12 May – 25 June, 2006

Artists: Rachel Smyth, James Campbell, Alison Dumbleton, Meg Roberts, Emma Jane Hall, Angela McHarrie, Jacob Smith, Aly de Groot, Sylvia Mavros, Katie Saunders, Clyde McGill, Mark Parfitt, Kristine Sadler, Dan Gladden, Kylie Ligertwood, Sarah Jane Pell, Paul Adair, Michelle Bowden, Zoe Porter, Andrew Rewald, Scout Kozakiewicz, Emile Plunkett, Kate Spencer, Alison Baily, Louise Irving, Kimberly Morgan-Smith, Sarah Carey, Arlette Hunt, Gritta Walker, Terri Brooks, Ursula Calderone, Paul Mears, Brook Gronow, Jenny Hall, Phillippa Ryan, Anna Kristensen, Tanya Ljubic, Karolina Novak, Sandy Gray, Susan Hall-Thompson, Annemarie Murland, Karen Cunningham, Peter Fraser, Qi Zhang, Tanya Bruckner, Justin Buchta, Melanie Breen, Benjamin Kluss, Tomoko Taira, Helen Bodycoat, Chad Creighton, Chris Poole, Paul Greedy, Robin Hungerford, Svetlana Tancev, Emma-Lee Crane, Emily Harris, Virginia Mawer.

The HATCHED 06 National Graduate Show is the most comprehensive national survey of emerging artists in Australia. Twenty art schools from every state and territory will be represented by fifty-eight of their leading graduates in an exhibition that has been a springboard for the professional careers of many contemporary Australian artists. Complimented by a guidebook and website, the exhibition combines works of all mediums, dimensions and intentions

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