MakerBay (2015): Hong Kong

Open Source technologies for Ocean, Space, and Climate Change

Jordan Mc Rae, Dr. Sarah Jane Pell & Cesar Jung-Harada


What are the similarities and differences between ocean and space? Which is more important? What is open source technologies? What is citizen science? These are relatively new concepts to us in Hong Kong but these are the trends that the world is moving towards to.

“The ocean is a responsive environment: the elixir of life, the amulet of space. We interact with space in an age of liquid realities populated by celestial bodies, interactive technologies, ecologies and embodied individuals seeking transcendence. Orbital perspectives, and space technologies, bring us back down to Earth. They highlight our fragility in the cosmos, and the importance of oceans for planetary health. We too are a body of water, and citizens of space. We must become one with the ocean, to understand how to survive as a species of a living, respiring planet in the Solar System. Space looks after itself.” — Dr Sarah Jane Pell

Streamed live on Oct 29, 2015 from Hong Kong MakerBay, and RMIT TV Studio Melbourne.
  • Jordan Mc Rae (30 minutes) introduces his innovative research in ocean and space technologies.
  • Dr Sarah Jane Pell (30 minutes) shares her extreme environment performances, expeditions and art works.
  • Cesar Jung-Harada (15 minutes) discusses citizen science, open technologies for the oceans in the context of Hong Kong education.
  • Questions and discussion (45 minutes)
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