ITACCUS (2018): Paris, FR

IAC 2018 Meetings, Bremen

IAF Technical Committee Cultural Utilisation of Space [ITACCUS]

Bernard Foing (Chair), Sarah Jane Pell (Vice), Aoife van Linden Tol (Vice), Nelly Ben Hayoun (Vice), Members, Experts, Friends

In 2018, the Cultural Utilisation of Space Technical Committee [ITACCUS] celebrated ten years with the IAF. Launched at the 59th International Astronautical Congress, Less Remote symposium in Glasgow in 2008, ITACCUS was set up to promote and facilitate the innovative utilisation of space by cultural sectors of society internationally. In a cultural context, the term ‘utilisation’ may include cultural production, cultural preservation, cultural representation, cultural education and cultural development. In astronautics, ‘culture’ may include communities of technical operation, architecture, policy, business, education, outreach and community. In other words, for ITACCUS members and partners, cultural utilisation promotes a lively two-way transfer of cultural and technical benefits. Looking to the future, the task of ITACCUS is the continued promotion of world-class creative research and cultural engagement in astronautics. We aim to engage with the latest technological achievements in the design, development, verification and utilization of space across all phases of mission architectures for commercial and cultural benefits. Additionally, we will work to build sustainable partnerships and align across industries on mutual goals for increased geographic, generational, and gender diversity and cross disciplinary access in space.

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ITACCUS, IAC 2018 Meeting, Technical Sessions, Global Networking Forums, 69th International Astronautical Congress, Bremen DE, October 2018.

2018 Activities

IAC Technical Sessions: ITACCUS embraced the theme “IAC 2018 involving everyone”, and the vision of a more diverse space sector. Technical Sessions included: E1.9 Public Engagement in Space Through Culture: A technical session co-sponsored by ITACCUS and the IAA Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence (SETI) with the focus on current activities of institutions such as museums, space agencies and non-profit organizations involving space that engage the cultural sector. Topics include the process, critical thinking and methodologies underlying space education and outreach events. E5.3 Contemporary Arts Practice and Outer Space: A Multi-Disciplinary Approach: A technical session on the practice of contemporary artists who have developed new ways to appropriate space for their work, the conceptual and practical foundations of their engagement, and the implications of this emerging aesthetic paradigm for both the fields of space and art. Artists and art historians, space industry and space agency representatives as well as from the cultural sector facilitating or programming related projects crossing over the increasingly blurred boundaries of creative practice. Global Networking Forum: Chair Bernard Foing moderated a lively conversation for the GNF: Orbits, Arts & Culture. ITACCUS member representatives Nahum, Niamh Shaw, Nelly Ben Hayoun, Melanie Kathryn King, Rob La Frenais, and Aoife van Linden Tol were selected as GNF panelists to challenge the traditional view that space activities are owned by national space agencies and the private sector. They presented a series of performative presentations to show how artists and cultural practitioners have always shaped the way we envision our future on Earth and beyond.

Membership updates

At the 2018 Committee Meeting, ITACCUS Chair Nahum Mantra submitted his final annual report and called for a new leadership. The committee recognised the many contributions of Nahum’s legacy. He initiated over 20 “space arts” and related public events; developed community engagement platforms such as the KOSMICA Institute; and presented recommendations to UNESCO. He also fostered close working relationships with space agencies, space companies, and space and cultural institutions including The Arts Catalyst, IAA, Leonardo/OLATS, ESA, NASA, JAXA, CNES, MIT Media Lab, SETI, ISU, COPOUS, the International Lunar Exploration Working Group and Lockheed to name a few. Nahum will remain a member of the committee and continue in global activities. The committee thanked Nahum and Vice-Chairs Bernard Foing and Carol Christian for their service and engagement. The committee elected the following Technical Committee Chairpersons and Vice-Chairs for 2018-2021: Chair - Bernard Foing (DE) - Professor, European Space Agency. Vice-Chair - (Academic) Nelly Ben Hayoun (UK) - SETI, Designer of Experiences. Vice-Chair - (Community) Aoife van Linden Tol (UK) - European Space Agency, Artist-in-Residence. Vice-Chair - (Partnerships) Sarah Jane Pell (AU) - Adj. A/Prof, Monash University, Artist-Astronaut.

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