ITACCUS (2019): Paris, FR

IAF Spring Meetings

IAF Technical Committee Cultural Utilisation of Space [ITACCUS]

Bernard Foing (Chair), Sarah Jane Pell (Vice), Aoife van Linden Tol (Vice), Members, Experts, Friends

Through our continued work with the IAF, the ITACCUS Chair and Vice-Chairs place special emphasis on the new generation of space experts, the expansion of equal opportunities, and the integration of new countries and start-up companies into the global space network. We seek new commercial partners, cross-cultural communities and creative collaborations for increasing the public participation in space though novel, innovative, informed and daring outreach, engagement, advocacy, arts and creative medias. Membership comprises individuals acting as liaisons for many global cultural and space organisations including representatives from the public and private sector. The committee is also supported by active associates building a critical a community of passionate arts and cultural professionals working in astronautics and related space fields. ITACCUS welcomes all new members and associates as enthusiastic and capable activators and advocates.

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IAF Spring Meetings including ITACCUS Technical Committee Meetings, IAC2019 Abstracts Selection, Global Networking Forums, IDEA Lunch/breakfast, IAF President Press Conference and IAF Cocktail Reception, New CAP Conference Centre, Paris FR, 25-28 March 2019.

Over the last ten years the topics addressed by the ITACCUS Committee have evolved following cultural, political, societal and technological progresses and innovations both in the use of commercial space actors and in the increased accessibility and engagement through new open-source assets and ubiquitous social media platforms. The rapid evolution in space engineering, environment and shifting global economics requires us to develop new non-conventional design processes and creative partnerships. ITACCUS follows this evolution and through technical sessions in the IAA Space and Society symposium, and the IAF Space Education and Outreach symposium which annually sees the submissions of more than 400 abstracts; and by hosting a Global Networking Forum, ITACCUS reveals itself as an inspirational knowledge hub within the IAC, and makes a virtual bridge among the space and cultural specialists around the world for a better integration of the new technological and cultural challenges for mutual benefit and inspiration. Other activities throughout the year include facilitated collaborations, workshops and meetings around the world for critical conversation and exchange; advocacy and networking promoting, developing and raising the profile and quality of ‘cultural utilisation of space’ within the space community, the cultural community, and general public; and delivering and endorsing quality cultural products including policies, publications, and partnerships.

IAC 2019 Meetings, Washington D.C.

IAF Technical Committee Cultural Utilisation of Space [ITACCUS]

Bernard Foing (Chair), Sarah Jane Pell (Vice), Aoife van Linden Tol (Vice), Nelly Ben Hayoun (Vice), Members, Experts, Friends

1 ITACCUS E5.3 Session 2019 Washington

ITACCUS Technical Sessions, Interactive Presentations, Global Networking Forums, IAC 2019 Meeting, Walter E. Washington Convention Centre, Washington D.C. US, October 2019.

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