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Artist and diver Sarah Jane Pell has fashioned what she calls "a studio practice underwater", working with scientists to measure biorhythms in different states of immersion, and becoming accustomed to what most people would consider intensely claustrophobic experiences. Pell has a slight but tall frame that she remarkably compresses into diving bells, and aquarium tanks during land-based performances... ARTILLERY

Online TV/PodCast Interviews

2016 #GiftedCitizen #Ampliying
Dr Sarah Jane Pell - Bending Horizons | Gifted Citizen MX

2016 #BoulderDaily #ProjectPoSSUM
Suborbital Spacesuit Testing | Boulder Daily Camera

2013 #LondonReal #Motivation
Dr. Sarah Jane Pell - The Artistic Aquanaut | London Real

2013 #ISUnet #Immersion
Dr Sarah Jane Pell - Underwater EVA SIM | ISU SHSSP

2010 #TEDxTalks #Experience
Dr Sarah Jane Pell - TEDxSydney Speaker | TEDx Talks

2003 #Stateline #Innovation
Sarah Jane Pell - Underwater Opera | ABC Stateline

2018 #ISUonMars #MDRS188
Ep. 2. Sarah Jane Pell | Kobrick CDR Daddy LOG 480

2017 #VUAlumni #Excellence
Dr. Sarah Jane Pell - VA Alumna | Victoria University

2017 #BeachCity #Inspiration
Dr Sarah Jane Pell - Live at Immerse 2017 | Beach City
Aspioneer Feature
Inspiring Women in Tech, 2019

Popular Press/ Academic Writing/ News Media

Podcast/ Radio Interviews

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