Museum of Old and New Art MONA (2014): Moona AU

Stars in Disguise

MONA Scholarship Exhibition 2013: Rahni Allan, multimedia artist

Official Opening Speaker, Dr. Sarah Jane Pell

The Mona scholarship is awarded annually to an emerging Tasmanian artist to fund the development of a new body of work to be shown at the museum’s Library Gallery. The 2013 recipient Rahni Allan has created an immersive installation that explores sonic connections and visual illusions created with interactive fibre optics. Stars In Disguise uses fibre optic cable attached to an external telescope which tracks the nightsky and mirrors the ancient light to produce an installation for the museum’s Roundhouse Gallery and in contribution to Mona’s permanent collection. Congratulations Captain A.R.S.E.tronaut.

1-Rahni-Allan-Sarah-Jane-Pell-MONA-11-Dec-2014 2-Rahni-Allan-Stars-in-Disguise-MONA-2014 3-Rahni-Allan-Stars-in-Disguise-MONA-2014 6-Rahni-Allan-Stars-in-Disguise-MONA-2014 4-Rahni-Allan-Sarah-Jane-Pell-Stars-in-Disguise-MONA-2014

MONA Scholarship exhibition 2013: Rahni Allan, Stars in Disguise, Museum of Old and New Art, Hobart. Opening Night, with Sarah Jane Pell, 3 Dec 2014. Exhibition to 11 Jan 2015

Allan is interested in the intersection of art and science – her previous experiments included video-calling a mobile phone she attached to 24 helium balloons and let float into the sky. She also produced her own particle accelerator, a cosmic radiation detector, and married the universe. See

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