Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University (2016) Florida, US

Spacesuit Training and PoSSUM Mission Simulations

Day 3: Project PoSSUM Scientist-Astronaut Class 1601

Final Frontier Design (FFD) IVA Spacesuit Training and PoSSUM Suborbital Research Flight Simulator

Polar Suborbital Science in Upper Mesopshere [PoSSUM] Scientist-Astronaut Curriculum includes: Training in the use of spacesuits i.e. how to don and doff, pressurize a spacesuit, perform safety checks, and conduct basic operations using a spacesuit; Crew Resource Management training in PoSSUM mission simulation of actual noctilucent cloud research missions operating PoSSUM instrumentation in a real-time analog environment; and Contingency operations training including principles of decompression, smoke and hazardous environments, post-landing scenarios, egress and sea survival systems, capsule egress fundamentals, and aircraft ejection systems.

Lynx II and PoSSUM-CAM Tomography Research Flight profile

Suborbital IVA Space Suit & PoSSUM-CAM Operations SIM from Bending Horizons on Vimeo.

In this short film, PoSSUM Artist-Astronaut Candidate Dr. Sarah Jane Pell is wearing a Final Frontier Design (FFD) Suborbital IVA Space Suit and operating the PoSSUM-CAM during Suborbital Flight. The PoSSUM Simulator Pilot Chris Nguyen navigates through the PoSSUM Suborbital Spaceflight Simulation program produced by Vasco Ribeiro showing the XCOR Lynx Mark II vehicle research flight profile to a total perigee of 103km above Earth. Pell extends an antenea for sample collection, and directs the adapted RED Dragon Camera lens to capture valuable tomography data including features of special interest such as inclusions, patterns and anomoly in the nuctilucent cloud formations. Filmed and produced by Pell, Bending Horizons April 2016. Documentation thanks to Cinema Raven.

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