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ARC Discovery Announcement

Aquatic Interactivity, 2020-2023
ARC Discovery Project DP200102612. Principal Investigators: Prof. Floyd Mueller & A/Prof Sarah Pell.

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IAC 2019 promo

Human Spaceflight Performance, 2019
MOU between Pell, Monash MIVP & ERAU S.U.I.T Lab on developing Range of Motion/Immersion on EVAs.

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MDRS188 MIVP Artist-in-Residence Pell CAVE2

Bending Horizons 360, 2018-2019
Monash Immersive Visualisation Platform MIVP Artist-in-Residence, Adj. Assoc. Professor (Research).

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Australia Council Fellow Sarah Jane Pell

Performing Astronautics, Earth 2016-2018
Australia Council Fellowship project, Experimental and Emerging Arts, AU. 2016-2018.

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Robotronica Promo

Robotronica QUT, AU 2017
Queensland University of Technology, Creative Industries & Ars Futures Lab Artist, Jun - Aug 2017

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Project Possum astronaut candidate Sarah Jane Pell, 2016

Project PoSSUM, US 2016
Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University, Suborbital Mission Operations, Daytona Beach, US. Mar 2016.

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Sarah Jane Pell, Exertion Games Lab, RMIT University

Exertion Games Lab, AU 2012-2015
Visiting Research Fellow, RMIT University, Exertion Games Lab, DesignHub, Melbourne AU.

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ESA Arts Initiative 2012
A new website, publications and presentations by the European Space Agency Topical Team Arts & Science receommending an ESA Arts Initiative [EAI].

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European Space Agency Astronaut Training Center

ESA Topical Team Art & Science 2011-12
To expand human space exploration through cultural engagement with ESA initiatives to build professional communities for knowledge transfer & new discovery.

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To Boldy Stay Presenters NASA Ames-SingularityU Conference 2010

To Boldly Stay: Extending Humanity into the Solar System 2010
Breakthrough and game-changing technologies needed to create a sustained capability to send humans in the solar system to stay indefinitely.

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Aquabatics as New Works of Live Art, 2005 PhD Cover

Aquabatics as New Works of Live Art 2005 (Award-winning PhD Thesis)
Philosophies and practices intersecting principals of live art and commercial diving to inspire Aquabatics: a new form of aquatic art and ocean awareness.

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Luna Gaia: a closed loop habitat for the Moon 2006 Final Report Cover

Luna Gaia: a closed loop habitat for the Moon 2006
Mission architecture including technologies and philosophies for the establishment of a permanent Lunar habitat with closed loop capabilities by 2020.

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