Space Association Australia (2017): Caulfield RSL, AU

Art to Space / Space to Art

SAA TV - August 2017 - Public Meeting - Live Stream

Sarah Jane Pell

Award-winning artist Dr. Sarah Jane Pell is leading first generation artist-astronaut crews of the commercial spaceflight era. She performs expressively and builds novel prototype apparatus to test and communicate from the field. Artifacts include sculptural, technical, poetic and media events. Dr. Pell is an Astronaut Candidate for a suborbital aeronomy mission, an experienced Simulation Astronaut for undersea trials, and imagineer for a MoonVillage. Her work promotes physical conditioning, creative visualisation and communication. At this meeting, Dr. Pell will provide an overview of her numerous projects and interests, past, present and those upcoming.

Schedule: 7:15 pm Feature speaker: Dr. Sarah Jane Pell - "Art to Space / Space to Art" 7:45 pm Association business: Preview of International Astronautical Congress, Adelaide | September meeting date change & Speakers 8:00 pm Space news: A New Space update with Angelo Di Grazia & Michael Abdilla 8:30 pm Break for socialising 9:00 pm Space news: A planetary & space science update, including Cassini & Voyager missions with Andrew Rennie 10:00pm End

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