Space for Inspiration (2024) Luxembourg LU

Building the Future: Innovations in Lunar Infrastructure Construction and Their Impact on Earth

European Space Agency Conference for Commercialisation of Space Exploration, European Convention Centre Luxembourg, 3 - 5 Dec 2024

Dr. Barbara Imhof, Dr. Peter Weiss, Dr. Thomas Vögele, Dr. Sarah Jane Pell

Abstract [ESA Unclassified - Panel submission pending review]

Establishing lunar infrastructure poses numerous challenges, particularly in mitigating the harsh radiation environment and micrometeoroid showers. Shielding structures, both pressurized and unpressurized, are essential for the protection of equipment and personnel. While there have been impressive renderings and designs, the focus now shifts to the practicality of construction methods. Intelligent, interactive, and autonomous systems are paramount, yet their development remains in its infancy, requiring innovative solutions for choreographed machinery capable of constructing lunar bases autonomously. The implications of such technological advancements extend beyond lunar missions, with potential transformative effects on Earth's construction industry through enhanced resource efficiency and sustainability. These advancements also pave the way for further exploration, including missions to Mars. The panelists will explore current trends, possible scenarios, and prospective opportunities in lunar infrastructure construction, highlighting the pivotal role of technological innovation in advancing humanity's reach into space.

Luxembourg Space Week

With 5 parallel events, the Luxembourg Space Week will be the place where innovation meets exploration, offering a dynamic platform for industry leaders, enthusiasts, and visionaries alike to converge and chart the future of space. Updates to follow...

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