TEDx Melbourne (2015) : The Stuff of Dreams

How do you keep the dream alive, when things become very real?

Sarah Jane Pell


Sarah Jane explores the intersection of art and science, via exploration of undersea environments, Everest adventures and sub-orbital space. She even challenges us to join her as a TED Fellow. Artist, commercial diver and researcher, Dr Sarah Jane Pell dreams of being amongst the first generation of artists to work in outer space. Sarah Jane is uniquely engaged in art and science research intersecting the performing arts, human movement and underwater diving. Her work parallels human spaceflight and exploration and she positions herself as the experiment itself, seeking to embody and critique the culture of exploration and redefine our visions of future worlds.


  • "I'm exploring what it means to be human: under water, on Everest, in space..." @sarahjanepell @TEDxMelb
  • "What becomes critical is how you communicate your experience." @bendinghorizons #TEDxMelbourne
  • "We need to turn moments that startle us into moments that inspire us." @aquabatics #TEDxMelb
  • This talk was given at TEDxMelbourne 2015

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