Mothers Country, 2016

A cinematic poem 1:06

Mothers Country was developed as part of Arts House’s program Time Place Space:NOMAD in Wotjobaluk Country of the Wergeia Language Group in December 2016.

Mothers Country 2016 is a Cinematic Poem from Sarah Jane Pell on Vimeo.

I hear passed the wind,

To the voice of my mother, her mother, and her mother...

I see her hair a lions mane


In the dry, golden grasses, pushed and pulled


I hear the leaves chatting to the boughs

And the shining water


In tango with the sun rays and cloud


The flocking black swans and water fowl


The landscape with precise, geometric form

Haybales stacked three high

Obsevant fields and a violet mountain


Big sky, she roars.

My mothers roar comes from here.

A response to a workshop by Sarah Rodigari #TPS16 Day 2

TPS-27 Lake Natimuk Wheat Photo Sarah Jane Pell, 2016 TPS-21 Lake Natimuk Tree Photo Sarah Jane Pell, 2016 TPS-22 Lake Natimuk Fields Photo Sarah Jane Pell, 2016 TPS-30 Workshop Briefing Photo Sarah Jane Pell, 2016 TPS-29 Writing Walking workshop Photo Sarah Jane Pell, 2016 TPS-31 Morning Workshop Photo Sarah Jane Pell, 2016

Notes, Narration, Video & Field recording by Natimuk Lake and River: Sarah Jane Pell.

Time Place Space:NOMAD was supported by the Victorian Government through Creative Victoria #TPS16 #TimePlaceSpaceNomad #ArtsHouseMelb

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