Projection, 2016

A cinematic poem 3:00

Projection was developed as part of Arts House’s program Time Place Space:NOMAD in Wotjobaluk Country of the Wergeia Language Group in December 2016.

Projection 2016 a poetic reflection on water future from Sarah Jane Pell on Vimeo.

Down they come

somtimes slithering for a moment.

Sometimes wishing that the journey would come to an end

before the end is there.

But somehow, inside them,

determination to live.

To live

to live until all the oil is gone.

Why is it that they do not fall from the rock?

It's the oil

the oil in thier skin,

the oil that helps them to move.

And the end of the oil

is the end of the their lives.

Watch how they scramble to hold

to hold themselves against the wind.

The wind is terrifying in its strength

but can be fought

can be faught against

the oil itself.

A response to workshops by Sooji Kim, Sarah Jane Pell & Cissi Tsang #TPS16 Day 4-5

TPS-64 Djuirite Mt Arapilies, Photo Asha Bee  2016 TPS-26 Sooji Kim Workshop, Photo Sarah Jane Pell 2016 TPS-8 River Workshop, Photo Sarah Jane Pell 2016 TPS-66 Sarah Jane Pell Workshop, Photo Asha Bee  2016 TPS-51 Cissi Tsang Workshop, Photo Sarah Jane Pell 2016 TPS-65 Lorna Hannan, Photo Sarah Jane Pell 2016

Poet: Lorna Hannan. Video: Rachael Sooji Kim. Field recording: Cissi Tsang. Audio: Sarah Jane Pell.

Time Place Space:NOMAD was supported by the Victorian Government through Creative Victoria #TPS16 #TimePlaceSpaceNomad #ArtsHouseMelb

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