Time_Place_Space NOMAD (2016): Natimuk AU

A travelling laboratory for experimental artists.

Held on Wotjobaluk Country of the Wergeia Language Group during a hot December.

Time_Place_Space: Nomad is a national initiative that aims to challenge, invigorate and strengthen interdisciplinary and experimental arts practice in Australia, emphasising collaborative performance-making, site-specific practice and artistic resilience. In 2016, Time_Place_Space: Nomad is hosted by the local community at Natimuk in the Wimmera plains to test and re-imagine the artists' practice as adaptive and resilient, based in an understanding of place and country. Artists cook, eat and camp out together; exploring practice, networks and the potential for collaboration. Participants included Natalie Abbott, Rachael Sooji Kim, Asha Bee Abraham, Cissi Tsang, Kate Hill, Dan Koop, Selena de Carvalho, Ngioka Bunda-Heath, Baden Hitchcock, Sarah Aitken, Lorna Hannan, Jen Rae, Marnie Badham, Rob Bundle, and Dr. Sarah Jane Pell. TPSNomad 2016 was facilitated by: Emily Johnson, Sarah Rodigari, Vicki Couzens, Karen Therese, & Angharad Wynne-Jones with support from The Arts House, Melbourne team Tara Esworp and Luke Gleeson, Wotjobaluk Elder Ron Marks, City of Horsham Cultural Development Officer Jillian Pearce, Dr. Greg Pritchard and the community of Natimuk. Visitors included Brigitte Koch Muir. Time_Place_Space: Nomad is now an initiative of Arts House, City of Melbourne, developed in partnership with Performance Space and has been supported by the Victorian Government through Creative Victoria. #tps16 #timeplacespacenomad @artshousemelb

TPS-6 Sarah Jane Pell, 2016 TPS-7 Sarah Jane Pell, 2016 TPS-10 Sarah Jane Pell, 2016

Experimental Projects and Reflections

Projects developed as part of Arts House’s program Time Place Space:NOMAD in Wotjobaluk Country of the Wergeia Language Group in December 2016

Mothers Country, 2016

Mothers Country, 2016 #TPS16 Day 2
Narration, Video & Field recording: Sarah Jane Pell. Responding to a workshop on Mothers and Walking by Sarah Rodigari, Natimuk Lake.

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Peir to Peer, 2016

From Pier to Peer, 2016 #TPS16 Day 3
Narration, Video & Field recording: Sarah Jane Pell. In conversation with the Natimuk Lake Pier. Responding to issues of liveness in performance past & present.

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World Building Workshop, Mt Arapilies 2016

World Building, 2016 #TPS16 Day 4
Workshop by Sarah Jane Pell at Djurite (Mt. Arapilies). Using cinematic world building to provoke and understand the future stories we inhabit.

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Projection, 2016

Projection, 2016 #TPS16 Day 5
Narration: Lorna Hannan. Video: Rachael Sooji Kim. Field recording Natimuk: Cissi Tsang. Audio recording Djurite: Sarah Jane Pell.

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Back to Araps, 2016

Back to Araps, 2016 #TPS16 Day 5
Body Canvas and Video Djurite: Sarah Jane Pell. Projection and Video recording Natimuk: Rachael Sooji Kim and Greg Pritchard.

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Waterfall, 2016

Water Fall, 2016 #TPS16 Day 6
Dancers: Ngioka Bunda-Heath and Baden Hitchcock. Video & Field recordings: Sarah Jane Pell. Mount Buangor State Park, Bukkertillible Walk.

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Media Interviews

"Deadly spacey" yarn with Ron Marks @RonWergaia for Jambunna Radio 96.5 HHH Aired 13 Dec 2016

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