Weaving Waters (2023) Water Play Workshop

Oceanic Resonance: Play, Performance & Tradition 3:00

3hr Workshop on Woorim Beach for the WeavingWaters@Yarun SciArt Water Residency, Bribie Island

Sarah Jane Pell with Tracey Benson, Rei Maree Cheetham, Pasha Clothier, Kristine Diekman, Martin Drury, Sue Finley, Tamsin Kerr, Joan Kelly, Trudy Lane, Kim Newell, Bronwyn Patrickson, Sandy Sur, Te Ruitini Sheridon, Vicki Smith, Harete Tito, Bec Thompson, Tracey Willms Dean.

Water evokes routines, rites, rituals, responsibilities and memories from across time space and peoples. Sarah Jane Pell facilitates aquatic play and performance enquiry with immersive visualisation tools to create and capture spontaneous exchanges and embodiment of oceanic tradition within a diverse group. The idea is that team bonding and uninhibited expression emerges once we allow ourselves to fall, float, flounder and buddy-up and look out for each other in the shallow waters. By also concentrating around a free floating 360 camera, it helps us to remain united as a group, focused on the oceanic resonance and dynamics, yet also to let go of the urge to perform for a single lens, and any predrempt expectations of ocean conduct becoming of adults. Our differently abled bodies, aquatic attunement and cultural diversity is constantly shaping the rules of play. Our joy is nontheless uncontained and infectious. Thank you for stepping outside of the work, and into the realm of social aquabatics. The act of wading into water together requires trust, awareness and respect. Meetings, here, carry more than our aquatic bodies, they are held by one single ocean.

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Raw screenshots: Oceanic Resonance: Play, Performance & Tradition 3:00, Participatory in-water exchange facilitated by Pell as part of WeavingWaters @Yarun SciArt Water Residency on Bribie Island, Gabbi Gabbi Country of the Joondoburri Nov/Dec 2023.

Warm up

Rock Paper Scissors in the Surf

We start with a game of chance, skill, and, most importantly, fun. The universally known game is usually simple and straightforward: you pick rock, paper, or scissors... rock crushes scissors, scissors cut paper, and paper wraps the rock. In the water it gets trickier. The game no longer relies on minimal hand gestures. Each pair must splash the water three times saying rock, paper, scissors, and then contort their entire body into the shape of the object. The dynamic waves make bodily shapes hillariously abstract.

The Ëtëtung - or water music - of Vanuatu

Pell's participation in WeavingWaters@Yarun was partly supported by the Australian Government through an Australian Research Council (ARC) Discovery Grant. The Water Play workshop project aligns with the Monash University Faculty of Information Technology SDG targets for improving Life Underwater, and Healthy Communities.

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