Weaving Waters (2023): Yarun | Bribie Is. AU

SciArt water residency and symposium framed by Indigenous knowing

Held on Wotjobaluk Country on the Yarun lands known as Bribie Island, Qld. 27 Nov - 8 Dec 2023.

Weaving Waters @ Yarun program is framed by acknowledging the First Nations peoples and their deep understanding of place. This is an exemplary research-through-practice and co-creation process situated on Country, in water, and online. For our hosts, TreeCreate led by local Dr. Tracey Benson, the aim of this project is to create and deliver the new Yarun (Bribie Island) Interdisciplinary SciArt Residency. The project aims to build connections between the local creative and environmentally focused community organisations with artists and scientists that are internationally recognised for their work. By creating a program aimed at cross-fertilising disciplines with a focus on Bribie Island as the subject the project will provide opportunities for collaboration, knowledge sharing and capacity building locally. It will also present novel ways of highlighting the importance of the environment of Bribie Island as part of the UNESCO Great Sandy Region and its role as a marine and wildlife sanctuary.

Meet the Participants

The residency will bring together First Nations knowledge custodians, scientists (both professional and citizen scientists), visual artists, sound designers, wellbeing practitioners and students (secondary and tertiary) to explore, make and record the biodiversity of Yarun (Qld), through onsite citizen science activities, education, creative production and applied research. We each act as a co-designer and facilitator of the in-water play co-design research with interactive technologies, we inform and infuse the expert user-experience feedback into innovative, accessible, modes for further discovery. On site: Tracey Benson, Mel Bloor, Pasha Clothier, Timmy Dick, Kristine Diekman, Sue Finely, Kate Genevieve, Deborah Hardt, Joan Kelly, Tamsin Kerr, Trudy Lane, Anne Leitch, Michelle Maloney, Bronwyn Patrickson, Kim Newall, Sarah Jane Pell, Te Ruitini Sheridon, Vicki Smith, Sandy Sur, Harete Tito, Nola Turner Jenson, Desna Whaangna-Schollum, Tracey Willms Dean, Jean Yern. Remote: Maggie Buxton, Christal Clashing, Nina Czegledy, Valarie Coffin-Price, Sophia Emigh-Wright, Simone Johnson, Josiah Jordan, Fay Stevens, Geert Vermeire.

Weaving Waters @ Yarun 2023 Participants Weaving Waters @ Yarun 2023 Quote

Pasha Clothier, Jean Yern, Sue Finely, Harete Tito, Trudy Lane, Bronwyn Patrickson, Vicki Smith.
Christal Clashing, Kristine Diekman, Desna Whaangna-Schollum, Deborah Hardt, Michelle Maloney, Sarah Jane Pell, Sandy Sur.
Nina Czegledy, Tamsin Kerr, Joan Kelly, Kate Genevieve, Te Ruitini Sheridon, Tracey Willms Dean, Josiah Jordan.

Experimental Projects, Public Events, and Reflections

"Weaving Water is about connection - connections to places, people and possibilities. We are all part of the weave and this weave is like the Wyrd - it is the life giving aspect of the Tree of Life Yggdrasil being nurtured by the well of Urd. This connective energy has been part of my journey into understanding the threads of the ley lines, of our ecosystems and BEING on this planet..." - Dr. Tracey Benson, Director/Host Treecreate Studio.

Sympoisum | Weaving Water @Yarun 2023

Symposium | Weaving Water @Yarun 2023
Michelle Maloney, Anne Leitch, BIEPA, AwhiWorld and Trudy Lane: present on environment, nature, adaptation and planet care. Bribie Is. Arts Centre, 30 Nov.

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Aquatic Plays with Sarah Jane Pell, Bribie Island 2023

Aquatic Plays | Weaving Water @ Yarun 2023
Sarah Jane Pell leads a choreographed field of aquatic play and performance with immersive visualisation tools to create live aquabatics and 360 metaverses.

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Ocean Connections, Artist Talks, Bribie Island Sea Museum, 2023

Artist Talks | Weaving Water @ Yarun 2023
Sandy Sur, Desna Whaanga-Schollum, Sarah Jane Pell, Leah Barclay, and Darren Jew: artists with Ocean Connections. Bribie Island Seaside Museum, 6 Dec.

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Stitching Stories with Kristine Diekman, Bribie Island 2023

Stitching Stories | Weaving Water @ Yarun 2023
Kristine Diekman leads us in stiching stories, voices and sounds of water on the Island with embroidered conductive materials to create a sonic artwork.

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Yindi with Nola Joyce Turner-Jensen, Bribie Island 2023

Workshops | Weaving Water @ Yarun 2023
Harete Tito, Nola Joyce Turner-Jensen, Jean Yern, and Kim Newall exploring concepts of water, relational ways of being and connecting, 29 Nov - 5 Dec.

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ShoreTimeScape AR with Trudy Lane, Bribie Island 2023

ShoreTimeScape AR | Weaving Water @ Yarun 2023
Trudy Lane invites us to make little models of worms, shore birds, etc, and the creatures in the mud which will be 3d scanned and animated for an shore time Augmented Reality artwork.

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We acknowledge the traditional custodians of Country, the Elders of the Joondoburri and Gubbi Gubbi peoples, on whose land we live and work for this residency. We also pay our respects to all First Nations peoples including creatives from Māori, Wiradjuri, Noongar, Bundjalung, Gamillaroi, Kabi Kabi, Woka Woka, Torres Strait and Vanuatu.

Pell's attendance is partly supported by the Australian Government through an Australian Research Council (ARC) Discovery Grant. The Water Play workshop project meets the Monash University Faculty of Information Technology targets for improving Life Underwater, and Healthy Communities. This Sciart Water residency represents the strategic goals for excellence in research innovation, and builds new research partnerships and collaborations with fellow participants, and the TreeCreate leadership, and their funders and event partners: Pumicestone Indigenous Employment and Education Council (PIEEC) Bribie Island Environment Protection Association (BIEPA) Bribie Island Community Arts Society Inc (BICAS) AwhiWorld Centre for Applied Water Science, University of Canberra, TurtleSat Australian Water Partnership, Victory Press, Intercreate Trust, and Moreton Bay Regional Council (RADF). For further information and inspiration surf www.weavingwater.net


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